If you have been struggling to find appropriate youth ministry fundraising ideas, you have finally come to the right place. Youth ministries are a special case where fundraising is concerned, because not only do they need to make money to fund their activities and projects, but you want them to have a fundraiser that will be right and good in a Christian context.

Everything that these kids do reflects their faith and their Christianity, and you don't want the youth fundraising ideas you consider to stray from those ideals. With this in mind, you will be glade to know that one of our top youth ministry fundraising ideas is the Journey of Faith Candle fundraiser. Not only is this a fun activity to plan and execute, the candles are beautiful, and based on verses from scripture. Candles are a pre-sale fundraising activity, which means the youth ministry will not have to put up any money to get started, and in the end they can make 50% profit from youth ministry fundraising ideas like these.

Christian scratch cards are another appropriate and fun fundraising idea. Unlike candles, scratch cards are a direct sale fundraiser, which means you purchase the cards in advance, but the benefits to working this way are many. One, you don't have to worry about shipping and distribution after the sale. Two, once you order your cards, every penny after that goes directly to the youth ministry, with no other costs to worry about. Third, the profits are amazingly high for scratch cards - up to 90% depending on what you anticipate your sales numbers to be.

Regardless of what kinds of youth ministry fundraising ideas you're interested in, we've got you covered - check out our pages of Christian fundraisers for projects and activities that are all appropriate in a Christian context.