A group called us the other day and wanted information on the best middle school fundraisers. They did not want to spend anything to get started so we went over the main brochure fundraisers including a calendar fundraiser.

We have booked a ton of groups that chose to sell calendars this season so we were surprised when the customer said she couldn't imagine selling calendars.

We asked for her thoughts since we always want to offer the best fundraising programs possible. She made the observation that people had electronic calendars on their phones and computers now so no one used paper calendars anymore. She said the same was true of day planners.

I had to smile because I was looking at my desk calendar just before she called checking dates and notes. My Apple I Phone was sitting on my desk too. For some reason I would put personal stuff in my I Phone but continue to put business notes on my calendar.

She decided to hold a flower bulb fundraiser but it made me pay close to attention to the groups that were holding calendar fundraisers. I spent some time going over results and saw that most groups did well. One group, in particular, was located in a small town and actually sold more than a dozen 2 year pocket planners each.

Based on the results I saw calendar fundraising is still a great option. The prices are good, sales seem to be strong and profit potential is very high.