It can be a hassle to try to decide what kind of fundraiser your group should do. A lot of groups are shying away from snack-based fundraisers like chocolate, just because they want to do something a little healthier, something more in tune with a healthy lifestyle.

Given how open people are these days to an earth-friendly lifestyle, fundraising flowers have seen a huge comeback in popularity. Perhaps in the past, flower bulbs were seen as a fundraiser that would only work well in more mature communities. But with the recent surge of the green movement, this is not the case anymore - people in every age group are enjoying fundraising flowers as much as any other fundraiser.

If you are looking for a high-profit idea, fundraising flowers provide you with a 50% profit margin on every bulb you sell. If you can place a bulk order of 150 units minimum, we'll throw in free delivery, as well. If you have a fundraising team of 15 people, for example, this means each person only has to be responsible for 10 bulbs in order to qualify for free shipping.

We also provide you with the brochures and order forms your team needs to get started, so this fundraising flowers are a great choice for groups who don't want to have to pay to get their fundraiser rolling. As for the fundraising flowers themselves, there are two dozen to choose from in each brochure, so your supporters will have no trouble finding the flowers they want.

The prices range from $5.50 to $20, so there's something to fit every budget. The brochures come with complete planting instructions, so your supporters can have a look in advance and see exactly what they will have to do to enjoy their beautiful flowers.

Fundraising flowers are so relevant right now, it's easy to see why so many people are choosing this lucrative fundraiser.