The wonderful thing about having an Auntie Anne's pretzel fundraiser is that you will make 50% profit on each sale.

It does not matter if you sell one case or 100 cases. You will sell the kits for $16.00 and you will only be paying $8.00 for each kit. You can either make your Auntie Anne's fundraiser a direct sale or pre-sell fundraiser.

Your customers can choose from either pretzel or cinnamon bun kits. The pretzel kit makes 10 Auntie Anne's soft pretzels. It also includes salt and cinnamon sugar so you can flavor your pretzels to your liking. The cinnamon bun kit makes eight 8 oz cinnamon buns. The pretzel and cinnamon bun kits both retail for $16.00.

If you choose to make your fundraiser a pre-sell fundraiser just request your free order form. Your group members will then show the order forms to all of their family and friends. As you are getting orders make sure you collect money as well. When you have finished the fundraiser, tally all the orders from your group and call in or fax your order in. There are two things you will need to remember when placing your order.

Both, the pretzel mix and cinnamon bun kits are shipped in full cases only. So when tallying your order make sure you order increment of 12. This may mean you will have to round up or down when placing your order. Also if you do have a smaller order of less than 5 cases you will have to add $65.00 for shipping. Otherwise shipping on these products is free.

If you choose to do a direct sell fundraiser with Auntie Anne's Pretzels sit down with your group and decide how many cases of product you feel you can sell. Keep in mind that shipping is free on orders of 5 cases or more. You will then have the product on hand and you won't have to deliver product later.

This fundraiser is great for any size group and can be successful all year round.