High School marching bands have some of the most pressing needs for fundraising of any group out there. Their costs to operate are enormous. With every band member needing a uniform, and an instrument, and the spiraling costs associated with travel, a High School Band can have the operating costs of a decent sized business.

Recently, a new way to raise money for band boosters has come onto the fundraising scene. The concept of "green" fundraising was introduced in 2008 and has really taken off leading some bands to record fundraising years.

The concept of a green fundraiser is simple, yet powerfully effective. The fundraiser works just like any other except that the products being sold are organic, healthy, and earth friendly.

There are a number of reasons these fundraisers work so well. For one, most people realize that something needs to be done for the environment and, with a green fundraiser, your band can offer them products that allow them to do just that.

Another reason that green fundraising ideas work so well for bands is that people are tired of buying traditional fundraising products. We all realize that candy and cookie dough are not the best things for us. Green Fundraisers offer products that people are invigorated to buy. When you're selling things people want, your sales go through the roof.