Are you looking for a baseball fundraiser? We suggest you use baseball scratch off cards for a grand slam of a baseball fundraiser! Here is great information for your baseball team and program to have a great sports year not worrying about funds.

Scratch cards are perfect for all sports teams, especially school teams. Baseball teams and leagues report fantastic results when using scratch cards. Each card raises $100. There is no product to deliver after the sale. You are not asking people to buy products they complain about being overpriced. There is nothing to spoil or age. You do not need a lot of storage space. You can make this a league wide special baseball event.

Each player is given one baseball scratch card. The card has 50 concealed dots. Players get supporters to scratch off 2 of the dots, revealing amounts between $.50 and $3.00. The player asks for that amount to be donated to the team. In return, they give the donor a sheet of valuable coupons from national companies like Finish Line, Kodak, Dominos, FTD, Sharper Image, Cinemark and more. Some of the offers are buy one get one free. Once all 50 dots are scratched off, the player will have raised $100. Make it an annual fund raiser for your baseball team.