Everyone with kids in baseball knows that it can get expensive to have their child participate on baseball or softball teams. You have your typical registration fees and your Little League fees. That will cover the costs of the team t-shirt. There is also, the cleats, pants, sliders, bats, helmets, gloves, etc. Some associations are getting a little creative in their methods to raise money to help defray some of the costs.

Some leagues have started a Baseball Fundraiser Homerun Derby. This has helped generate interest about competing with their teammates and opposing team players on their own individual performances. Young players love an opportunity to compete on an individual basis with other teammates.

Get Community Involved in your Homerun Derby

It is helpful to have a sponsor that will provide prizes and awards to both the participants and winners of the competition. Giving a small prize to all participants will help encourage even the newest of players to participate. The prize can range anywhere from a baseball to rosin bag to tickets to a Major League baseball game.

I would suggest having the Baseball Fundraising Homerun Derby scheduled for the middle of the season. This is because, if you schedule it too early, people haven?t had a chance to polish their skills. If you have it too late, you run the risk of interfering with all stars or family vacations.

For those unfamiliar with the event, the idea is that eight batters who can be expected to hit lots of home runs are thrown easy pitches to see how many home runs they can hit. In the current format, during each round, batters may pass up as many pitches as they want, but any time they swing the bat it will be scored as a "Home Run" (if it is), or an "Out" (it it's not a home run). There are three rounds, with 10 "outs" per batter per round.

You can modify the rules a bit to encourage more participation. For example, you can have as many hitters as you want, but limit the rounds to one. You can have brackets like and develop it in a tournament format.

So if you are looking for ideas on how to raise some extra cash for your team or league, look into the possibility of creating a Homerun Derby. It's a great sports fundraising idea.