There may only be one baseball season per year, but there are lots of different fundraisers available for your team to try during off-season.

Spring: Baseball fundraisers are most popular in the spring. The best choice for most teams has become the flower bulb or Go Green fundraisers. Both of these programs are pre-sell fundraisers where your team can collect the money upfront before distributing the products. When booking these fundraisers it is important to pay attention to specific turn-in dates.

Summer: Card fundraisers are fantastic for the summer months. The profits are high, and because it is a direct-sale fundraiser, there is no need to follow up with customers. Your team can choose from scratch cards, pizza cards, sandwich cards, custom discount cards or money savings cards.

Fall: Cookie dough, coffee, candy ? all of these are very popular sports fundraising ideas in the fall. Find a product that suites your team and your area and get an early start on raising money. Go out into the community, to churches, schools, and clubs ? chances are people will be willing to support the team.

Winter: Doing a fundraiser in the winter months can be tricky. If you are trying to get products delivered before the holidays make sure you pay close attention to turn-in dates and shipping times. Candles are a big hit, as well as magazines.

Your team can do baseball fundraising all year with the right timing and program.