Baseball Fundraising is as common as hot dogs, baseball gloves and sunflower seeds. Only thing is that most people hate to even think about baseball fund raisers.

Why is that?

For some baseball leagues, associations and teams, baseball fundraising has become as dull as watching the grass grow in the outfield. They do the same old thing every year. Even though results have not been as good as they would have liked for years. They figure they have always done it that way, so they will continue to do it that way.

Just think about that. No coach would have his players do the same thing every single time. Imagine how many games you would lose if base runners choose to attempt to steal a base every time the batter got two strikes? The opposing teams would figure it out quickly and the results would get worse and worse. It's the same thing with fundraising.

While candy fundraising is a great idea, you just don't want to offer it every single time you need new uniforms or new bases or a new scoreboard. Offer candy one season. Then consider cookie dough fundraisers the next year. Or you might want to look at scratch off cards.