So you have decided to hold a basketball fundraiser. Whether it is a basketball tournament fund raiser or for other purposes, you should always take a few moments to go over some basic fundraising questions before planning your actual event or choosing the best-suited product to sell. Here are some of the things you should decide:

  • How many people will participate in my sale?
  • Do I have a motivated group of players or do I need to consider ways to better motivate them?
  • Do I have a clear cut purpose for my basketball fundraising idea such as to pay for new uniforms? If you are not specific in clearly stating the purpose of the fundraiser, you need to know that your efforts will probably not be as good as if you stated a goal the players would rally behind.
  • How much time do I want to spend on raising money?
  • Do I have enough volunteers to help with my choice of basketball fundraiser products?
  • Are there other groups raising money at the same time?
  • Do we have money to purchase products to sell or do we need to take advantage of a pre-sell program where we don't need any upfront money?