Basketball was invented by a man named James Naismith in 1891 and has grown to a sport enjoyed by men and women all over the world. From youth leagues to school athletics to the NBA enjoy the sport as a form of competition or simply a way to stay in shape on a Saturday afternoon at the park.

For those who compete, primarily in the youth organizations and throughout the schools, there is a cost associated with playing the game. For this reason, in many cases, basketball fundraising is not only a means of raising money, but also a necessity to keep the game going. Be Creative with Basketball Fundraising

There are many different basketball fundraising ideas.

One that has been a great deal of fun is when a team or organization has a donkey basketball fund raising event. This is where each player rides a donkey on the court while playing basketball. It is not so much for competition, but instead for enjoyment. There are many different places online or in the phone book where you can rent the donkeys or better yet, have someone donate them for the event. Charging admission for the event raises money for the organization. It is a great deal of excitement to watch individuals either try and dribble, shoot a basketball or simply try to get to the other end of the court while riding a donkey.

If this does not sound that something that can be pulled off with your organization, other basketball fundraising ideas include such fundraisers as selling candy, cookie dough, scratch cards or holding a shoot-a-thon.

Although candy and cookie dough are favorites of many basketball organizations, the scratch card fundraiser is a fundraiser that will allow the team or organization to make up to 90% profit. The group buys the cards for as little as $10 and has sponsors scratch off dots to reveal a suggested donation amount. You hand the sponsor a page of coupons from different national merchants as a thank you gift. Each card, once all dots are scratched off, raises $100. Since some cash strapped districts have to charge students to play in school-regulated sports, basketball fundraisers are a way to offset the costs.

There are many different ideas to help raise money for the basketball teams that can be found here on our website. Feel free to call one of our staff toll free (866) 874-8383 if you have any basketball fundraiser questions.