When your basketball team is ready to start a fundraiser consider doing something you are already good at: basketball. There are lots of great fundraisers out there, but when you work on something that you know your team will enjoy, you are more likely to have a successful basketball fundraiser.

Try having a scrimmage. Invite your fans to come watch a scrimmage and get a sneak peek of the season ahead. Have contests for the loudest fan, the craziest parent, the best new cheer, etc. You can use the scratch card fundraiser as admission. Have fans make a donation using the scratch cards in order to get into the game. The bonus is that no matter what they pay to get to the game, they receive a coupon sheet in return.

Have a cross-town rival game. Get together with another team and have a just-for-fun game, and allow parents, friends and fans to come and watch. Your team can sell pizza cards during halftime in order to raise money for new uniforms, travel fees and other various expenses. The cards will not only benefit the local pizzeria, but your team as well. You sell the cards for $10, and your fans get 20 free pizzas!

No matter what type of basketball fundraiser you have, consider selling candy. People are used to the concept of buying concessions at a basketball game, so there is no explanation necessary for this particular fundraiser, and everyone loves candy.

Be sure to get ideas from your team before starting any type of basketball fundraiser. If there is an idea that the whole team is excited about trying then is will likely be your best option.