School sports are the way that many kids develop skills they cannot get in the classroom. School sports keep kids fit, away from the television and the games console, and teach them things like self-esteem and teamwork. There may come a time, however, when your school sports team faces funding issues that the school cannot completely help with. School sports fundraising, therefore, becomes an important factor in the survival of school sports teams, and with you organizing the school sports fundraising effort, this puts you in a very important position.

When you are heading up your school's sports fundraising activity, the first thing you need to do is find a school sports fundraising idea that will work well with your group. But considering the tons of school sports fundraising ideas out there, where do you begin to narrow down the field? It's a good idea to start by measuring your financial goals against the size of your group, although quite a few school sports fundraising activities can work well for groups of any size. Ideas like pre-sell brochure fundraisers may work better for large groups, depending on which ones you choose - have a look at our school sports fundraising pages to get an idea of shipping charges and minimum order requirements.

Direct sales school sports fundraising ideas can work extremely well for smaller groups that are worried about profits. School sports fundraising products like pizza cards can really be the ticket to fundraising success. Direct sales fundraising ideas work well for a lot of groups because of their simplicity, and after your initial investment, of course all the profits go directly to your and your group - no need to worry about shipping or distribution, either. Also, something like pizza cards can give your team up to a 90% profit margin, which is why these kinds of school sports fundraising ideas are popular with many teams.