As you probably already know, church is not just about going to services on Sunday and being. A ministry is so much more than that, and when the spirit within the church can't be contained in those four walls anymore, it's time to start branching out in the world and spreading the news.

Mission trips are so fulfilling for everyone involved, and can really help the church bond with people who need the support. But mission trips aren't free, and if your church is just not financially able to finance the mission trip without help, another plan is to come up with some great mission trip fundraising ideas to help out with some of those costs.

Mission trip fundraisers serve two important purposes: one, of course it helps out by bringing in money for the group's travel expenses. But there's a second benefit, as well, because a fundraiser is great practice for the teamwork that is required in being a missionary. The team members will get a lot of experience learning how each person works within the team, what the group dynamic is like, and who has what strong points. It's a great exercise in working together toward a goal, and the money that comes along with mission trip fundraising is just the icing on the cake.

If you're looking for mission trip fundraising ideas that would be appropriate for your group, we have several suggestions of fundraisers that work well for church groups, and for missionaries in particular.

If you're not sure which idea would work best for you, or you were hoping to do a specific fundraiser that you don't see here, give us a call at 1-866-874-8383, and let our fundraising consultants help you find the right mission trip fundraising ideas that will best match your team members and your financial goals.