One of the newest fundraising programs available is sure to change the way that your group raises money for breast cancer fundraising. The money savings cards are a product that everyone can use, that eliminates problems that groups had with previous fundraisers.

Previously, those looking to start a fundraiser were often faced with the challenge of finding one that had no set-backs. Whether it was a shipping fee, a location limitation, a delivery problem or an expiration issue, groups were not able to find something that met all their needs. Until now.

The money savings cards are exactly what as they sound; your customer is purchasing a card that will give them access to countless online discounts and coupons. Each card is sold for $10, and it never expires ? they can continue to use the cards as long as they choose.

Some of the best benefits for a breast cancer fundraiser using the money savings cards include:

--Free Shipping

--Can be sold anywhere in the United States

--Delivers 3-5 business days after payment is received

--Low minimum (25 cards)

--Offers up to 90% profit

This product can be sold year-round, and unlike selling food items, nothing will have to be refrigerated, and there is no need to worry about anything spoiling! Your breast cancer fundraising efforts will be greatly rewarded when you try selling the money savings cards.