The best school fundraisers not only give schools, parents, teachers and students the funds needed for equipment, books, playgrounds and events, but they bring together a community in the spirit of fun and sharing. In fact, the best school fundraisers can be used at any time of year and can even be matched with government programs to help increase the profits substantially.

The past trends in regards to the best school fundraisers have been the sales of chocolates and candies. However, with healthier options being preferred by many parents, a shift has taken place to include fruit, fruit snacks, bottled juices and water and low-fat and/or low sugar foods (cookies, yogurts, etc.).

Other additions include walkathons, bikathons, runathons, schools carnivals, book fairs, auctions, adult casino nights, public hot dog and hamburger barbecues and community services and merchants' discount books. In fact, these newer versions of the best school fundraisers are proving to be more profitable and healthier than those of the past. Many vendors and food manufacturers offer a range of coupon books that can be used by schools.

Walkathons, bikathons and runathons are very popular with most communities because it not only gives kids a healthy challenge, but encourages community spirit that quantifies into needed money for schools. However, the best school fundraising ideas out of all of these are by far the book fairs, adult casino nights, services and merchants' discount books and public hot dog and hamburger barbecues because they appeal to a wider audience.

Book fairs are promoted by most major book sellers. Adult casino nights allow parents, their friends and their adult neighbors, co-workers and family members to enjoy an adult evening where a high percentage of the winnings taken are given back to the schools.

In turn there are government programs now that will sometimes match the money produced from these casino evenings. The services and merchants' discount books are fairly inexpensive and include all local community services, amenities and vendors' specialty coupons that can range from restaurant meals to discounts on car oils. In fact, the discount books are extremely profitable because everyone is looking for a good deal and most importantly a way to get money off in as many areas as possible to save money.

Best of all are the public hot dog and hamburger barbecues which are usually set up outside major supermarkets, allowing schools to sell discounted fast and delicious foods and drinks to tired and hungry shoppers. Usually most supermarkets will not charge a fee for using their property and only a small portion of the profits go towards equipment, food, drinks and other necessary items, leaving a large percentage for the schools.