I have been dancing and cheering for as long as I can remember and now I am on a black college cheerleading squad. I love being on a black college cheerleading squad because it is fun and it is a good way to channel some of my boundless energy. College cheerleading is the best!

From Tumbling to Black College Cheerleading

My mom told me she first enrolled me in dance classes when I was three years old. I took ballet and tap, and was also enrolled in cheerleading gymnast classes. These were my favorite activities, especially the gymnasts. When I started tumbling it was basically just rolling around, doing flips on the ground and simple cartwheels. Then I got to practice flips and jumps into the pit of foam cubes which was so much fun. Now, because of training, practice and determination I can do multiple flips in the same jump.

Christian Cheerleading Camps

As I was growing up, my parents always took me to church where I sang in the choir and developed a strong voice which is necessary for cheerleading. It was at church that my strong religious foundation was started; it was also at church that I learned about Christian cheerleading camps.

The first few years at the Christian cheerleading camps I learned the basics; cheerleading motions, cheerleading jumps and cheerleading routines, then I moved to more difficult cheerleading techniques in the subsequent years. Since then, I have become a councilor at the very camps I first attended. I just love introducing young girls to the wonderful world of black college cheerleading. I still keep in touch with many of the wonderful friends I made at the Christian cheerleading camps I attended. These cheerleading camps led me to my current hobby of black college cheerleading.

From High School Cheerleading to Black College Cheerleading

I cheered at my high school on an all black cheerleading squad. In fact, it was an almost entirely black high school. The high school was located in a less than wealthy area and new cheerleading uniforms were never high on the school board's priority list. We held a number of cheerleading fundraisers over the years. We started with traditional and easy fundraising ideas like a cheerleading car wash, which raised quite a bit of money. Then, we got creative. The best cheerleading fundraising idea we came up with was a dance-a-thon. The entire cheerleading squad collected donations for every hour we could dance. It was such a good time that the cheerleading squad has held a dance-a-thon every year since.