A booster club football fund raiser can be an annual event that helps raise money for the many needs of the football team. Of course you can hold various fundraisers during the school year but many booster clubs opt for the annual event.

Before starting it is not a bad idea to research what fundraiser will be the best for the team or members of the club. After all the last thing a football player wants to spend his time divert his attention from preparation during the season. With the long practices every school day, Friday evenings spent under the lights on the field and Saturday mornings reviewing the video and highlights, there is not much time for other activities. This is why one thing is for certain. Make sure that your fundraiser is simple and profitable.

Lots of Different Football Fundraiser Ideas

Many football booster clubs have chosen to sell custom discount cards for their main annual fundraiser. Discount cards are extremely high profit especially when compared to the sale of cookie dough or candy, which raise an average of 45% profit.

The cards will contain offers from local merchants that are good for an extended period of time. The club can save a bunch of money by signing up its own merchants or we can sign up merchants for your group. Our graphics department will create a great card front relevant to your group.

Typically members and players are given 10 cards each to sell. They sell the cards for $10, collect the money and turn the money in on the appointed day. The fundraiser can be over in a matter of a couple days instead of the month it takes to complete a cookie dough fundraiser. Let?s say you have 100 players with all the teams combined. If each player sells the 10 cards that cost you just $1 each, the football team raises $9000 profit. Not bad for a couple days work!

Another option that is simple and profitable for a football fund raiser is our football scratch off cards. This fundraiser works like a donation system where each player takes a card containing 50 dots to different potential donors. The donor scratches off two or more dots and donates the amount revealed under the dots they just scratched off. After all dots are scratched off the card raises $100.

It is always a great idea to look over the different football fundraising ideas before making a decision on which one is best for the team. We invite you to review the other fundraising options on our website to find the perfect fundraiser for your group.