Booster clubs and fund raising for sports booster clubs are synonymous with each other. In fact most of these clubs are created to hold booster club fundraisers first and to act as a support group in other areas second.

Why is fundraising so important? Because funding for sports teams and other school clubs is being cut more and more every single year until it has gotten to the point where the basic needs of the clubs are not being met. So, fundraising by booster clubs can mean the difference in whether a club or extracurricular activity continues to exist.

Athletic Booster Club Fundraiser Options

Direct Sale Fundraiser

Your booster club chooses to purchase a fundraising product that will be sold by members and other volunteers. The attractive thing about direct sale athletic booster fundraisers is that you make the sale, deliver the product and collect the money all at once. Here are some of the top direct sale items for booster clubs:

  • M&M's Variety Pack
  • Carousel Round Lollipops
  • Original One Dollar Bar