There is one thing that is universal for all teams and clubs around the world: they always need something else. Maybe a professional baseball team needs a new pitcher, maybe a choir group needs new dresses, or maybe a peewee football team needs new pads. Whatever it is, teams always need something.

That is why booster clubs were created.

These organizations are designed to make sure that their team has what they need. That's why just about every Booster Club holds fundraisers. In fact one of the first things they do is hold fundraising meetings.

Booster clubs are just as important as the players and coaches themselves. It is the club that organizes and takes care of the needs of the players. That is why having a start up program is so important. This is just a simple way of letting everyone on the team and parents and friends know that the team is starting a booster club, and they are very much needed. Form a meeting and let anyone and everyone know about it.

The more people involved the more successful it is. At the meeting you should address the importance of the club. Have the team list all of their needs and wants pertaining to the team. Then list them in order from most important to least important. Then break down all of the people at the meeting into committees. For each topic there should be one committee. Then explain to them that the goal for each committee is to be able to meet the team's wants and needs. The committee can do projects, fundraisers, or community service, anything that will meet their goals.

After they have completed the fundraiser or project, you or the leader of the booster club should collect the money and use it where needed. Booster clubs are the best way to raise money for your organization.

Not only is it a great way to get funding, but it also brings the organization closer together. If your team does not have a booster club, a start up program is perfect for your team. It is simple and straight forward; it also requires a lot of work and organization. But with the help from the committees the team can turn their needs and wants into something that they have.