Relay For Life is one of those events that has so many possibilities for fundraiser ideas. Aside from the track event itself, there's also all the peripheral fundraisers that go on, and really the options are endless for which fundraising ideas can do well at an event like Relay For Life.

One of the things to keep in mind is that Relay For Life often attracts people whose lives have been directly touched by cancer, either through themselves or a family member. This means that when coming up with fundraiser ideas for Relay For Life, you are already presented with a customer base that is passionate about finding a cure, and is more than willing to help out for the cause. This can make your job of coming up with fundraiser ideas a lot easier, because pretty much anything you want to do in association with Relay For Life has the potential for great success.

Many Relay For Life teams, even those that already have sponsorship programs like to do candy sales as well as a fundraiser idea to help boost up their profits. Lollipops are great far this, as you can just buy a case (or several cases) ahead of time and sell them as you go along. The lollipops are very inexpensive, so it's easy enough to get people to buy them, which makes them a very good fundraiser idea for Relay For Life.

If your team is looking for a Relay For Life fundraiser idea that will bring in a higher amount of money, you can still go with candy, but you might want to switch to chocolate as an alternative fundraiser idea. Brands like Hershey's and M&Ms sell like wildfire, and the potential for profit is very high. Some Relay For Life teams who use chocolate as a fundraiser idea make thousands of dollars this way. It all depends on what you feel is the right Relay For Life fundraiser idea for you and your team.