There is a season for everything, including different fundraisers. Each fundraising has a specific time when it is at its peak. Timing is everything, and when you find the right timing for your next boy scout fundraiser it is sure to be a success.

Fall: There are virtually no limits on the types of fundraisers you can do from August to October. Fall is the primary fundraising season, and some of the most popular fundraisers include: cookie dough, magazines, flower bulbs and coffee.

Winter: Timing is everything for winter boy scout fundraisers. Doing a fundraiser is a great idea for this time of year because you can sell gift items, but you must be careful to look at delivery times. Check with a fundraising consultant before planning a winter fundraiser. Great gift items include cookie dough or candles (best if started before Thanksgiving). If you do something at the last minute consider selling Smencils or holiday lollipops ? these items arrive quickly and can be sold directly to children through their schools.

Spring: During the spring the biggest fundraisers include the Go Green fundraiser, and the spring flowers. Each of these programs features items that are unique to fundraising, which makes selling easier since customers are not burnt out on buying the same old products. Due to the nature of the items though, they each have a specific deadline, so again, check with a consultant about turn-in dates.

Summer: Summer is the perfect time to do a couple of boy scout fundraisers because you are not competing with schools. The newest program, the Money Savings Cards, will allow you to earn money; these work great as your troop takes separate vacations. Because the cards never expire there is no limit to the amount of time you have to sell them.