Coming up with good FBLA fundraising ideas may seem like a difficult task. FBLA tends to be one of the smaller clubs in the school, and depending on what your exact expenses are, you may require a high per-person profit margin.

But it isn't the end of the world to come up with a good fundraiser, and armed with the right information and an ambitious team of fundraising volunteers, you're bound to come up with some great FBLA fundraising ideas before you know it.

The great thing about working with people whose ambition is to go into business and business administration is that they already have the mindset of entrepreneurs. You don't have to explain to them what the fundraising is for, or try to get them motivated about making sales - they already have that drive within them.

The mostly likely issue you will have with brainstorming FBLA fundraising ideas is that they can be very passionate about the ideas they come up with, and getting everyone to agree on a single plan may be a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, you can use this fire to your advantage, by getting them motivated to meet their supporters and start bringing money in.

Pizza fundraising cards and discount cards are both great FBLA fundraising ideas, and they tend to be popular with supporters, as well. Pizza cards have the benefit of giving the people what they want (2-for-1 pizza discounts), and supporting local restaurants. Discount cards also let local merchants share in the benefit, and are great for FBLA groups that want to construct the kind of fundraising idea they can repeat annually. Supporters get very excited about their discount cards, and they start to look forward to the time of year when the new card comes. This can be a very good way to take your FBLA fundraising ideas to the next level.