Mission trips are rewarding, fun, and of course bring a tremendous amount to the communities they serve. But even if you are not going to a very distant destination, mission trips still cost money, and if there is not enough funding to cover the costs of travel, you may have to come up with some solutions of your own.

Fundraising ideas for mission trips are not difficult to come up with, but the trick is finding the right one that will suit your group and its goals. It is a balancing act, but it's easy enough to do once you get the formula down.

Sit down in one place with all the missionaries and everyone involved with the organizing of the trip. Having a meeting like this is a great idea before you get started coming up with fundraising ideas for mission trips, as you can get some idea of what everyone is thinking, and what the expectations for fundraising are. You need to be very specific when discussing money, as you want to get this right the first time.

Add up all the expenses you have, subtract the money you already know you've got, and then you have a precise fundraising target. Getting the actual mission trip fundraiser can be the easy part if you've already done the foundation work with your missionary team. Have a look through our fundraising pages and you will get some idea of the sorts of things that are possible. Pay attention to the group sizes that each fundraiser is appropriate for, and choose a few that would suit your goals and fundraising team.

Have your team discuss which fundraising ideas for mission trips appeal to them the most, and narrow your choices down even further from there. Eventually you will be left with the idea that will work best for you and your group.