The youth group at your church probably has a lot of activities planned, and the kids are always thinking up new thing that they want to try, and new places they want to go. As one of the adults who helps make these things happen, you know that the kids are not really considering just how much money their adventures will cost.

Luckily, with the right church youth fundraising ideas, you can not only get the money in that the youth group needs, but you can teach the children some important lessons in the process. Get the kids together for a meeting at the beginning of the fundraising process, and get everyone up to speed on what needs to be done.

Getting everyone to pay attention is probably the hardest part of all this, but once they understand that the success of their fundraiser will have a direct affect on what sorts of things they'll be able to afford to do, they'll probably listen a little more intently. Let them know that they'll need to come up with some really good church youth fundraising ideas in order to get the process started, and see what sorts of ideas they come up with. You might be surprised. One of the most popular and most successful church fundraising ideas is scratch cards. Christian scratch cards are not only a lot of fun, they're easy to implement. The concept is simple enough - the kids carry the cards around with them, and get the supporters to scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots. Whatever amount the supporters uncover is how much they will donate. The great thing about church youth fundraising ideas like these is that often, people choose to round their donation up, especially when they know that their money is going to help children in the community.