Middle school comes at a time in a kids lives when they are making a transition from the little-kid world of elementary school, to the world of getting ready to be adults. During this time they form a lot of their ideas about how adults behave and what will be expected from them when they grow up, so you want them to have the most positive experiences possible during this time. When you are trying to come up with middle school fundraising ideas, therefore, you want to tread carefully and make sure you leave the kids with the best possible impression of what fundraising and teamwork are about.

The truth is, fundraising is going to be a part of their lives through middle school, high school, college, and perhaps even beyond that, so the middle school fundraiser ideas you come up with now will help them get started down that road with confidence. Perhaps some of the students have already had experiences with fundraising in elementary school or Scouts, but most likely they were too young at the time to fully understand the impact of what they were doing. Now that they're completely involved, you can take that into account when coming up with your middle school fundraising ideas.

Appropriate middle school fundraising ideas range from cookie dough to tea and coffee to catalogue fundraisers, and the criteria vary from group to group. If you have a small group or are worried about shipping issues or minimum orders, you can go with something simple like scratch cards, which have the highest profits of any middle school fundraising ideas, and are easy to carry and distribute. Larger groups with more selling power may be able to go for something with higher minimums, but no matter what you decide on, we have the middle school fundraising ideas to cover every situation - just brows through our middle school fundraising pages and see for yourself!