Being on the swim team is one of the best sports a young person can get involved in. You really can't beat swimming for overall fitness, and swimming competitively combines all the best aspects of teamwork paired with personal achievement.

But the swim team is not always the most visible of sports - swimmers may not get as much attention as, say, football or basketball players. People don't always see what the issue is when the swim team needs to raise funds to make up for what the school district budget can't cover.

What they don't realize is that any competitive sport has expenses, and swimming is no different. Coming up with swim team fundraising ideas is a matter of getting prepared in advance, and knowing what sort of requirements your group has.

People often underestimate how important organization is. While there is certainly nothing stopping you from choosing any fundraiser you like the look of, if you're not careful you can find yourself buried in shipping charges or facing a situation where you cannot make the minimum order amount for the fundraiser.

You may also end up with swim tea fundraising ideas that you like, but that everyone else finds boring. Prior organization can help avoid all these problems. Having a meeting with your fundraising team can help you get an idea of how many people will be working with you, how much money you need in total, and how much selling power you have as a group.

You should feel a lot more focused and confident after the meeting, and then you can start looking at swim team fundraising ideas that will suit your group. Keep an eye on those minimums and shipping charges, especially if you have a smaller group that needs a decent profit margin. You want to keep as much of the money coming in as you can!