If you've been trying to think of breast cancer fund raising ideas, it's likely that your top concern is how much profit you can make, and how quickly you can make it. There are many roads to the same destination, but if you're looking for some breast cancer fund raising ideas that really work, here are a few sure-fire winners.

Pizza cards are a great way to make a huge profit with breast cancer fund raising, especially if you anticipate selling 1,000 cards or more. The way it works is that people pay $10 for each pizza card, which entitles them to buy one pizza and get a second one free. If you buy 1,000 cards or more, %90 of the card price goes directly to your charity, which makes this a fantastically profitable breast cancer fund raising idea. Even if you buy the cards in smaller quantities, however, you can still get a really impressive return (minimum 50%).

Scratch cards are a very popular fund raising idea for any group, but they work especially well with charities because the main idea behind them is a donation with a fun twist. To use our scratch cards as a breast cancer fund raiser, just get people to scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots. Whatever amounts they uncover, that's the donation they'll make to the breast cancer charity. Scratch card fundraisers work well because they bring very high profits, and there's no complicated system of ordering.

The idea of selling chocolate as a breast cancer fund raiser may make you roll your eyes, but there's a reason so many charities still do the chocolate fundraiser after all these years: simply put, it works. People love chocolate, there's just no way around it. And at only one dollar per bar, few people will be able to resist a fund raiser like that. To sweeten the deal even further, shipping for the candy bar fundraiser is absolutely free, so as far as breast cancer fund raising goes, that really helps maximize your profits.