The fight against breast cancer is undoubtedly one of my favorite causes. It has been both my good fortune and curse to have met many families because of this scourge.

I would like to cover some of the techniques use in breast cancer fund raising in this article.

Interesting breast cancer fund raiser initiated by The National Needle Arts Association involved creating four large wall hangings which incorporate all of the major needle handcraft skills. These wall hangings will be displayed nationally and used to both promote awareness and to raise funds for breast cancer. The wall hangings will be representations of the first breast cancer fundraising stamp ever issued by the United States Government; the Breast Cancer Research Stamp.

One of the largest breast cancer fund raisers is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For over twenty years this community based organization founded by the sister of a victim of breast cancer has raised funds to try and find a cure for breast cancer. This foundation has literally raised hundreds of millions of dollars through community based fundraisers such as races and test driving of automobiles.

October is a very important month for those of us interested in the fight against breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. In light of this many organizations hold annual breast cancer awareness month fundraisers. Many of these organizations hold special fund raising activities to garner funding for research against breast cancer.

One interesting group from Canada is the Internet Based Moms group. This is a group of stay at home Moms in Canada who have banded together to form a support group for other Moms trying to start at home businesses which utilize the internet. They have banded together to develop a shopping guide and sell advertising space in the guide to help raise funds to battle breast cancer.

Another group the ?Wear It Pink? group encourages businesses and individuals to wear pink on one day in October and to donate to breast cancer research for the right to wear pink on that day.

Really, there are no limits to ways which your group can raise funds to fight breast cancer, just get out there and do it.