If you are helping to organize a breast cancer fundraising event, chances are you are relying heavily on donations from the people who will be attending. But is that really the most that can be done? There are quite a few breast cancer fundraising ideas that can be used as supplements to the main event, and can really help boost your profits.

One of the main breast cancer fundraising ideas that is commonly overlooked is fundraising booths. Even while the main event is carrying on, many people will be wandering around, mingling with others. Why not take advantage of that? Set up some booths with peripheral fundraisers so that people who are already eager to donate their money to breast cancer awareness can do exactly that.

Fundraising ideas for booths at your breast cancer charity event can include anything from candy bars to scratch cards, but if you really want to stick with the theme of health and wellness, one of the best breast cancer fundraising ideas is to have a booth hosting a green fundraiser. Customers can do some brochure-based shopping in between the other events, and all the products available are good for the environment, which helps your fundraiser contribute to the overall theme of health and responsible living.

Flower bulbs are another popular choice as a breast cancer fundraising idea. Flowers are both symbolic and beautiful, and offering a product like this as a breast cancer fundraiser is an inspired choice that's sure to be popular. The best part is that 50% of the profits go directly to your charity.

There are any number of breast cancer fundraising ideas that you can use for your charity event, but the most important thing is that you make the most of the time and space available. Every free moment at your event is another opportunity to raise another dollar for breast cancer awareness. The desire for people to donate is there, and when you go that extra step to provide them with wonderful products in return, these breast cancer fundraising ideas are sure to help your charity event be a great success.