As you're probably already aware, breast cancer walks are one of the most popular ways to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer charities. Obviously the most common way that breast cancer walks raise money is via donations raised by the walkers themselves, but there are many other breast cancer walk fundraising ideas that often aren't as apparent. If you make the best use of the time and space available at your breast cancer walk, these fundraising ideas can really help boost your profits.

With breast cancer walks, a lot of emphasis is put on gaining donations and pledges before the day of the event, but a lot of breast cancer walk fundraising ideas are about extra fundraising opportunities that can happen at the event itself. For example, have you thought about having food and drink booths at your breast cancer walk? If people are going to be at the site for several hours, they are going to get bored, hungry, and thirsty. You can use this to your advantage by implementing some choice fundraising ideas for your breast cancer walk. Why not sell candy bars or scratch cards right next to one of the food booths? The possibilities for fundraising ideas are nearly endless, and you will have a very attentive audience who are already more than happy to dig deep in their pockets for breast cancer awareness.

Corporate sponsorship is another breast cancer walk fundraising idea. Participating companies can trade advertising space for donations, or have their own booths at the breast cancer walk to help the cause. This benefits everyone involved

With everyone working together toward a common goal, it should be fairly easy to make a good profit for your breast cancer charity with these breast cancer walk fundraising ideas. Just make sure you maximize all your assets, and make the best use of the space available at the event to ensure that your breast cancer walk is the biggest success it can possibly be.