BSA Fundraising is a major part of being able to continue offer young men the opportunity to participate in the Boy Scouts of America. Whether it is to cover the costs associated with meetings; refreshments, activity materials, a meeting place, or the costs to practice and then earn merit badges, every Boy Scout Troop has to raise money.

But how do you go about having a Boy Scout fundraiser? The Girl Scouts have the market cornered on cookies, but cookie or candy fundraisers don't really fit with the ideals of the BSA. A BSA Fundraiser should be healthy, good for the planet, and help others all while teaching Scouts to be responsible and hard working, self reliant individuals.

Green Fundraising is one of the newest ideas to come into the fundraising world and it is a perfect fit for the Boy Scouts of America. Instead of selling traditional fundraising items, the Scouts sell products that range from organic foods to waste reducing products all of which promote an earth friendly and all natural lifestyle for the Scouts.

Other green fundraising ideas that promote the Scout way of life include tree and vegetable garden fundraisers that let scouts sell seeds that can be planted, healthy food fundraisers that promote the consumption of organic foods, and reusable shopping bag fundraisers that eliminate plastic bag waste.