Things may have gotten to the point where a sorority fundraiser is necessary for keeping your chapter in a good financial situation, but that doesn't mean you have to focus solely on the sobering aspects of the need for funds. Not only will you learn through this experience that your sorority fundraiser can be fun, but the more you get into it, the more the fun will build upon itself and create its own momentum.

One of the biggest lessons that college students learn pretty quickly is that getting money in the real world is not the same as getting money when you live at home with your family. A sorority fundraiser can be one of the first ways that you assert your financial independence, by showing yourselves and your college that you are a strong group of young women who can charge through any obstacle and succeed despite everything. That alone brings a feeling of empowerment that makes a sorority fundraiser more than just a way to raise money, and it's certainly something to get excited about.

Of course you will always be more enthusiastic about any activity that is fun, so it's of utmost importance to keep all the sorority sisters focused on positivity and all the success you can achieve through your sorority fundraiser. This is an opportunity to show what you're made of, that you're up to any challenge. It will also help your group connect with other people in your college, and even people in the wider community if you decide to expand your sorority fundraising ideas outside the school. Getting out in the community is a wonderful way to remind people what your sorority stands for, and when they see a team of young women working so diligently toward such a worthwhile goal, it's not difficult for that sort of enthusiasm to transfer over into great sales numbers and fantastic profits for you.