As you organize an activity for breast cancer fundraising, there's always an inclination to choose a fundraising idea that's not like all the other things you've done before for breast cancer fundraising. You want your efforts for breast cancer fundraising to be financially successful, but at the same time you also want something that won't bore you and your fundraising team to death. With that in mind, how do you go about finding the best ideas for breast cancer fundraising?

First of all, don't be tempted to think that the ideas you have tackled in the past for fundraising should automatically be discarded. There is a very strong argument in favor of doing the same activities for breast cancer fundraising every single year. Why? For the simple reason of not messing with a formula that works. If you have found an activity for breast cancer fundraising that consistently performs well for you, then that's an indication that people like and enjoy what you're doing, and it makes sense to stick with that rather than trying something else just for the sake of it. You you really do want to branch out into other areas for breast cancer fundraising, try running a new fundraising idea alongside the old one, and see how well the new one works out. If you find that your new idea for breast cancer fundraising works well, great. But if it turns out that the new idea doesn't do quite as well as the old favorite, then at least you can say you tried, without sacrificing any of the income that your older technique for breast cancer fundraising brings in.

People love to participate in traditions, and having traditions for breast cancer fundraising is a great idea. Many times people get excited about the activity you do for breast cancer fundraising specifically because they remember it from previous years, and they look forward to something that only comes around every once in a while, an effort for breast cancer fundraising that they can get excited about and rely on being there year after year.