If you are looking for a fall fundraiser you should consider selling calendars. Calendar fundraising has been very successful but of course it works best in the late fall when people are considering replacing their soon to be out of date calendars.

Obviously most people are not thinking about purchasing a new calendar a month or two into the new year. That's why you see all of the calendar retailers pop up in your local mall in November and December. The last 2 months of the year are not only the time people are needing to replace their old calendars it is also the time of year when people are trying to come up with gift ideas.

Calendars work well as gifts. You will find many schools holding cookie dough fundraisers or candy bar fundraisers in the fall season. So it would be a great idea to sell a product that is slightly different.

There are a few different calendar fundraising ideas you can choose from. The best calendar fundraiser is doing a pre sell or brochure order taker sale of two year pocket calendars. The calendars are priced very inexpensively. Most programs come with a good selection of covers. Many offer 20 or more different options. You do not need to purchase any inventory before you start your sale. There is really no risk whatsoever to start a calendar sale.

The other kind of calendar fundraiser that is popular is to get custom printed calendars with your group information or photo on them and sell those to supporters, members and families related to members. Schools and sports leagues that do this type of sale quite often include key dates that are relevant to the calendar buyer. Sports groups might put their season schedule on the calendar. Schools might include holidays and major school events.

The great thing about selling calendars is that they typically offer very good profit percentages. The other benefit is that calendars do expire so people do need to purchase new ones at least once a year.

So the next time you are thinking about what to sell for your fall fundraiser you might consider one or more of the calendar options detailed above.