Trying to come up with a creative idea to raise money for your youth?

Here are some ideas that you can use as a Catholic Church Youth fundraiser. They don?t have to be specifically for Catholic youth, but my experience has proven successful in this particular area.

There are ideas that require minimal effort and some that require a collaborative effort for all parties involved. The fund raisers will be only as successful as you want them to be.

1) Bake sale after mass ? typically parishioners exit quiet hungry, so hit them while the iron is hot. Don?t be afraid to have inflated prices, I haven?t seen any youth take leftovers home;

2) Car Wash ? this is quiet labor intensive, but can be a lot of fun for all participants. You can really make a lot of money in a short amount of time, provided that you have a good location, and your timing is just right after a big rain storm;

3) Rent a Youth ? you can actually make a lot of money and the youth really feel like they contributed toward raising the money. Make sure that there is a preset beginning and ending time, and that the work request is within the youth?s capabilities;

4) The 3 ?C?s ? Candy, candles and cookie dough fundraisers. These are generally a win-win for all involved. Everyone needs candy, candles and cookie dough, and how convenient it is to be delivered directly to you. There are excellent vendors that make selling these items very easy.

5) Brick Markers ? have parishioners purchase bricks for their youth. IT can be included in a future structure. The cost is minimal, but the returns are big.

6) T-shirts ? Everyone loves to identify with a group. What better way to say you are part of a wonderful group than to sell t-shirts and have everyone wear them at a predetermined service;

7) Cookbook ? Everyone has their favorite recipe. Generally if the cookbooks are developed by youth of the church, you will get some very basic recipes. Everyone always wants to hear about a good, effortless recipe.

Above are just a few ideas that you can raise a large some of money fairly quickly. It takes team work and energy. Youth like to come together to work for a common goal. Participating in some of these ideas will help the youth pull together in an effective manner.