If you are part of a catholic school and are interested in having a catholic school fundraising event here are few options that could help to raise the much-needed money.

Schools can rarely go wrong by having a cookie dough fundraiser. Here the students and teachers would sell cookie dough using a free order form we provide. They would collect the money as they pre sell. Profit is determined based on how many tubs of cookie dough are sold. It is not uncommon for Catholic schools to raise $10,000 or more depending on the number of sellers and the level of motivation.

In order to get a good start on this fund raiser we suggest holding a kick off party where your rally the troops by emphasizing the benefits to be reaped with the proceeds of the sale. By purchasing a few tubs of cookie dough for samples and cooking them during a dinner, school meeting or sports event, you will be surprised at how many more people would be willing to make a purchase because they are able to smell and taste the cookies.

Another idea for a catholic school fundraising event is for the school to hold a walk-a-thon. This can be done by either walking laps around the track or even around the school. Donations and sponsorships can be made by lap or simply as a lump sum donation. There are tool such as www.choose-a-thon.com that allow for donations to be made online via credit card. Emails can be sent all over the world asking for donations without the need to stuff, stamp and mail letters. This can be a big time saver not to mention the cost savings from not having to buy stamps. This type of fundraiser not only raises money for the school, but also teaches physical fitness.

One last idea might be to sell pretzels and cinnamon rolls from Auntie Anne?s. Why walking down the mall, who can?t resist the sweet smell of an Auntie Ann?s pretzel? This great fundraising idea comes as a dry mix that allows the buyer to make the pretzels and cinnamon rolls from scratch. The participants will receive order forms and sell the items for two weeks. Each item sells for $16 and the school makes 50% profit. One great benefit to this is that there is no need for refrigeration. Therefore it does not need to be stored in a climate-controlled area when it is received. If nothing else, this would be a great add on to a cookie dough fundraiser. It will give potential buyers an additional item to consider purchasing.

There are a number of different fundraisers that would be beneficial for a catholic school fundraising event. These ideas can help to be a starting point in finding out what would work out best for your school.