If there are cheerleading auditions in your future check out these tips and pointers for cheerleaders of all ages:

Cheerleading Auditions for High School Cheerleading

  1. Brush up on your gymnastic moves. If you haven't had a cheerleading gymnastics class before, take one now! Cheerleading is a physically demanding sport, and the sooner you know the basic tumbles, flips and cheerleading jumps the better.
  2. Get a copy of the requirements and the general information for the audition. Be sure you meet their qualifications and that you are willing to commit to the responsibilities involved.
  3. Be on time! Showing up late to an audition indicates to the judges a lack of commitment.
  4. Always warm up. Before you start your routine, make sure that you have warmed up those muscles.
  5. Always look the judges in the eye. This will help you win points.
  6. Remember to smile. Judges want to see a confident competitor.
  7. Energy is essential in a cheerleading audition. Don't be overly enthusiastic that it becomes annoying.