We hear from so many fundraising groups but one of our favorites are the cheerleading groups. We get call from cheerleaders who have just started in a cheerleading squad - all the way up to college cheerleaders. They come to us for cheerleading fundraising ideas and our site is filled with options that allow any sized cheerleading group to make the money they need.

Cheerleading Information

What we also want to do, is to offer more than just fundraising options to cheerleading groups. There is so much required to be involved and up to date in cheerleading. We decided we wanted to be a source for information so the cheerleaders that depend on us for cheerleading fundraisers can also come to us for other cheerleading information.

Cheerleading Issues

We have begun our cheerleading section by addressing issues ranging from summer cheerleading camps to cheerleading injuries that cheerleaders regularly incur. We have started a section called cheerleading gear which will become one of the largest sections within our cheerleading area. Parents of cheerleaders have no idea of the different items that their little cheerleaders will both need and want as they progress through the world of cheerleading.

We will discuss things as basic as cheerleading shoes and as controversial as cheerleading tattoos. We have articles on finding discounted cheerleading uniforms and even some ideas on how to get free cheerleading uniforms.

The History Cheerleading

One of the first sections you will find is more informative than many of the others because it deals with the history of cheerleading. We walk through the earliest pioneers of cheerleading to its progression into a real competitive sport. We even touch on the argument of whether cheerleading will ever or should ever become an Olympic sport.