Are you looking for that one thing that can give your squad the edge? Well look no further, cheerleading hair bows are here! There are so many types of hair bows in every size, shape, and color that you can match any outfit perfectly.

We all know that there are thousands of things that go into making a good squad. Cheering, tumbling, dancing, and of course, looks, all factor into making a great squad. Looking good while cheering is not an easy task. There are uniforms, shoes, socks, make-up and don't forget the hair bows.

Accessorize With Cheer Bows

While you can't really do much that is unique with uniforms or shoes, you can do anything with bows. Big bows, little bows, round bows, shiny bows, bows are limitless in their possibilities. Take for example, customized bows. Every team can have a hairpiece, but not every team has their names on their bows. You can write your teams name, your name, your mom's name, whoever and whatever you can imagine. As far as colors, let's not even get started. There is every color in the rainbow! You can even put more than one bow in your hair if you wish. You can't do that with uniforms. Well, you could, but things might get bulky and uncomfortable, and no cheerleader wants that.

And it gets even better. Hair bows are quite inexpensive. In fact even if you were on a tight budget you could make your own bows. Have a hair bow party! By the end of the night each girl could come out with a dozen customized bows they create themselves. Being a cheerleader is not always easy, but making bows is. Bow making parties can be a way for the squad to get closer together, and have something to remember forever.