The Role of a Cheerleading Camp

A cheerleading camp can play a major role in the highly competitive world of cheerleading. Teams from around the nation compete every year for national championships. With cheerleading camps being so important, a future camper needs to know what to expect.

Before campers trek off to cheerleading camp, they should be in good physical shape. Parents should think of cheerleading as a sport. Since injuries from pulled muscles to broken bones do occur, good physical fitness can help curb these injuries.

Cheerleading is a team sport; and many cheerleading teams go to cheerleading camp together. You will want to know the other cheerleaders on your squad. Being friends with these people can help with the basic experience of being at camp and being away from home. Hanging out together outside of cheer practice, having sleepovers, doing fundraisers together and of course going to cheerleading camp will all help increase the cohesiveness of your team.

Cheerleading Camp is about Learning

Obviously, cheerleading camp is about learning. You are there to learn new techniques, formations, and skills. Be prepared for this. The councilors want to be your friend but their purpose it to help you become a better cheerleader. Keep this in mind and it should make your experience more fun.

Cheerleading Camp is about Fun

Before going to any camp, you should have a list of the items you will need. You should receive a list from either your coach, or the camp itself. On the list you will find a wide range of items from personal things to costumes for the always fun dance routines. There may also be listed items that you should not bring, like candy. Be sure and check your list before you go so you don't forget anything and then prepare to have fun.