Dear Mom & Dad,

It is my third day here at cheerleading camp for kids, and I looooooooooove it! Thank you so much for letting me come to cheerleading camp for a week. I have made so many friends and created many memories that will last a life time.

We just got done with lunch, and now we have about 45 minutes of down time to do whatever we want. My new friends Sarah and Megan are from New York and Maryland, they aren't used to this Texas heat. We are about to go work on our dance that you will get to see when you come to pick me up. Cheerleading camp is a blast, but it is also exhausting. Let me tell you what we do everyday.

We wake up right at 8:00 sharp. We have to be at the mess hall by 8:45. At 9:30 the entire camp gets together and stretches, cheers, and plays a couple of games. After morning stretches, we breakup into smaller groups. These groups are made up of either cheerleading squads that all came together or kids that came by themselves. We practice stunts, cheers, tumbling, and dances. Yesterday my new friend Megan got hurt. When she was practicing her back flips, she landed wrong on her ankle. She can't perform the dance with us, but she will sit in the stands and cheer us on. After our leaders think that we have done enough, then it is lunch time. FINALLY! We are so hungry but we are very tired too, we don't know if we should skip lunch and go take a nap.