There are many key components that need to be perfected in order to create an outstanding cheerleading squad. Dancing, technique, tumbling, cheering, stamina, and attitude are all things that judges look for in a champion squad. It can be very difficult for squads to come up with new dances, tumbles and routines that will knock the socks off judges. Fortunately, there is one area of cheering that can change easily, and that is cheerleading chants. These chants are unique and different for every squad. Cheerleading chants are catchy, easy to learn, and set the mood for the rest of the routine.

There are thousands of different cheerleading chants. New chants and cheers are being created everyday. There is no way to possibly keep up with the latest chants and cheers on your own. Fortunately, the internet has made it very easy to communicate with anyone around the world. This helps cheerleaders because they can keep in touch and stay in the "know" about the latest cheerleading chants, cheers, tumbles, dances, and routines. There are several websites that you can visit and discuss cheerleading topics, one popular website is This website has anything and everything that a cheerleader could want. Here is a list of what you can find on

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