Everyone loves gifts, and cheerleaders are no exception. For decades, girls have adorned their rooms with posters of their favorite movie stars, rock stars, athletes and cheerleaders. Most girls played with dolls when they were young and some have collected them over the years. Colorful cheerleader dolls can be a special part of their collection as they continue to fill their room with the things they love.

Great Gift Ideas for Special Cheerleaders

Viewing cheerleading as a sport; all cheerleaders have a special love – the love of the sport. Cheering teaches so much. So naturally we gravitate to gifts that remind us of the sport of cheerleading. Whether cheering is something in the future, or from the past the love of cheerleading is strong. Cheerleading gifts can be purchased for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, for end-of-season parties or just to say “Great job, I'm proud of you.”

Don't forget the Cheerleading Coaches, and the Cheer Moms and Dads

A cheerleading gift can range from something small, like a piece of jewelry or a lanyard, to something larger like a throw or afghan. Cheerleader coaches love cheer keyrings, lanyards and jewelry. And everyone loves t-shirts, so why not give them as gifts to those supportive and dedicated cheer moms and cheer dads. T-shirts can be given as cheerleading coaches gifts too. Cheerleader t-shirts and coordinating shorts are a popular way to acknowledge that they have achieved the elite status of cheerleader. Matching t-shirts are also a great way to build team spirit before sending your young cheerleaders off to cheerleading camp for kids.

Tips for Buying Cheerleaders Gifts

Picture frames and photo albums make great keepsakes. What fun to have your cheerleading pictures displayed creatively! Show how great you looked in your cheerleading uniform alone with your fellow cheerleaders. When buying gifts for cheerleaders remember they like to know that whoever purchased the gift was thoughtful enough to take the time to search for the perfect item – something that was selected just for them.

Must Have Items for Every Cheerleader

Gym bags, duffle bags, purses, and backpacks are practical gift items that can be used every day by cheerleader. With zippers and pockets to hold lots of goodies these bags can go to cheerleading competitions, practice or just to and from school. With so much to carry - water bottles, energy bars, hairbrushes, extra socks and so much more, specialty cheerleading bags are a “must have” for every cheerleader. Other great cheerleading gift ideas to consider with the specialty cheerleading bags are zipper pulls for bags or jackets. And every cheerleader needs a cheerleader throw that can be folded up into a pillow for all their travels, and a soft cheerleader pillowcase for all their dreams of championship trophies.