Cheerleading is a sport and just as in football you have football cleats, in baseball you have baseball cleats and in track you have spikes; in cheerleading you have cheerleading shoes. There are many different manufacturers of cheerleading shoes such as Nike, Kaepa, Asics and Adidas to name a few and when deciding on which shoe to go with you will need to consider a few factors.

What to look for in Cheerleading Shoes

First, you will need to make sure that the shoe is made to give good support as well as flexibility. Since there is a lot of tumbling and jumping in the sport of cheerleading, you will need a shoe that will give you the support you need for these moves. Some brands, such as Nfinity, offer the Signature NRG bands that help prevent injury and offer support when tumbling and stunting. Some refer to the Nfinity brand as the Mercedes of cheerleading shoes and are specifically designed for spring floor routines.

Another factor to keep in mind for cheerleading shoes is the weight of the shoe. Since there are a lot of jumps, stunts and sometimes "flying" in the air, a shoe that does not weigh you to the ground is necessary. Now don't get me wrong, the lightest shoe is not necessarily the best. As mentioned, you still need to make sure it gives you the comfort and support you need.

Never make a cheerleading shoe part of your uniform. If this is done you will not guarantee that you have the best shoe for you. If matching is important to you, consider a cheerleading shoe manufactured by Kaepa. Their Ultralyte 6400 with their patented snap-in logos allows for multiple color combinations including 15 team colors, 120 multiple color combinations. This will allow you to have the color you need to match the uniform, but with a shoe manufactured to give you the support you need.