Most kids love going to summer camps. They enjoy meeting new friends, having new experiences, and, don't forget, their parents aren't there. But, how can you make the most of your child's summer? What kind of summer camp should you consider sending your child to in order for them to have a great camp experience? One suggestion is: summer cheerleading camps. There are many different levels of cheerleading camps from beginner all the way to collegiate camps.

If your child is a beginner cheerleader or even if they have no experience at all, there are several cheerleading summer camps that can help build your child's cheering skills, while having a great time. There are day camps as well as over night camps for these kids.

Summer Day Camps are Great for Young Cheerleaders

Day camps usually work best for the younger kids because they don't have to spend the night away from home. Overnight camps are often better for children over the age of 10 years. These cheerleading camps often consist of light workouts and easy cheers with much of the day including activities that have nothing to do with cheering. At the end of the camp the kids will usually have a short cheer and dance routine to perform for their parents. Having experienced team work, making new friends and learning new skills these young campers leave camp with a sense of accomplishment.