Tattoos are among the biggest crazes today, and cheerleading tattoos are no exception. Many people are inscribing their bodies with tattoos which represents moments in their lives, people in their pasts, designs that remind of them of the good times and bad, etc. While this practice is not widely accepted, the idea of using a design on your body to represent something significant has spread to the youth of America. Cheerleading tattoos, a temporary version of the permanent tat.

Consider Selling Cheerleading Tattoos

The less permanent option is to use temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos can be used for more than just looks. Cheerleading tattoos are a fantastic way to show your school spirit. They can be worn for a couple days and can be used on almost any part of the body. Temporary tattoos can also be placed on inanimate objects like books, lockers, etc. Many groups are starting to sell temporary tattoos for fundraising.

Cheerleading tattoos may be sold as direct sale fundraisers. Simply buy the tattoos in bulk from a fundraising company. Distribute the tattoos to each individual or team of sellers. Have the team member(s) collect money as they go and then turn in the money when the sale is over. You should allow at least a period of around two weeks selling time for your group. This gives the group ample selling time, and also creates a sense of urgency. Once your sale is over and you have collected all of the money, count your total sale then subtract your cost. You should be pleasantly surprised at your profit.