Imagine you and a group of 15 or so guys and girls working year around, non-stop. You cheer, run, dance, flip, and then sleep occasionally, and then do it all over again. What are you working so hard for? Well you have your eye on the prize, the trophy. These trophies are huge, and when you hold one of these trophies, everyone around you knows that you are a champion.

Cheerleading trophies are not the only kind of award given, but it is definitely the most popular. When you walk into an elite cheerleading squads gym the first thing that you notice is the outrageous amounts of trophies they have. The highest ranked squads often go so far as to have an entire room dedicated solely to the display of their trophies. These rooms are packed full with trophies, medals and ribbons, anything to prove just how good they are. Other teams will have a trophy case, or will simply have them displayed around the entryway. These displays are meant to impress, and the grander and more numerous the trophies, the more impressive the display. The higher the level of competition the larger the trophy. At national cheerleading competitions, the trophies can be as big as the cheerleaders themselves. Citywide competitions, the awards can range from simple medals all the way to two foot tall trophies.