Have you avoided holding a Chocolate Bar Fundraising campaign because you're not sure whether people will still purchase candy at higher prices?

Please do not give up on candy fundraising yet. Chocolate fundraising is alive and well on two different fronts.

The first thing keeping candy fundraisers going is the product manufacturered by Van Wyk Confections. They make the Original One Dollar Bar. As the name states, their candy bars still retail for a dollar. Yes the bars are smaller than they were years ago. But people have come to realize that prices do go up. They are still willing to purchase a candy bar for a dollar to support a fundraising group.

There are other reasons that the Original One Dollar Bar makes a lot of sense. You can purchase this chocolate bar fundraising products a single case at a time. That means that smaller groups and even individuals can raise money with chocolate bars. Even larger groups can try these candy bars, see how they sell and then determine if they want to purchase more.

The other thing that makes chocolate bar fundraising a viable option is the introduction of $2 candy bars. Both Van Wyk and Hershey's now offer larger candy bars that can retail for $2. While the prices are higher the market has begun to accept that price point. After all it was not that long ago when most candy bar's sold for $.50 each. Lots of people screamed that raising the price to $1 would kill sales. Obviously that did not happen.

The $2 products offer higher profits for groups too. So don't give up on chocolate bar fundraising quite yet.