Young football players are some of the most focused and energetic people around. If you have any experience at all working with youth football teams, then you already know how passionate they can be about what they do, and how they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

This, of course, is a great advantage when you are starting to organize a youth football fundraising activity, because you know they will put the same amount of effort into this as they do into their performance on the field. You just have to choose the right football fundraising idea, and you'll be on your way.

If you are looking at some youth football fundraising ideas and don't know where to look first, you should know that you have two basic choices. The first is pre-sell fundraisers. These high-powered fundraisers require absolutely no money down up front, which make them very attractive for many teams who would struggle to make an initial investment. We send you all the forms you need and the brochures to show to your supporters, and you simply collect the money for the orders that are placed. These kinds of football fundraisers tend to work well with a large fundraising team, teams that have a lot of selling power and don't have to worry too much about minimum requirements.

Direct sale youth football fundraising is more straightforward, but of course there is also the initial investment to think about. The benefit, though, is that after you have paid for your fundraiser, you don't have to think anymore about payments, because everything after that goes directly to the team.

We have a great selection of direct sale youth football fundraising ideas for you to choose from, so browse through them and have a look at the benefits and requirements of each. We're sure you'll find the fundraiser that is perfect for your team.